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Bags of memories

Plastic carrier is an object we often take granted for. To majority, it is just a piece of disposable object that has no value other than containing. However, I personally find plastic carrier has a potential as a baggage of memories by itself. These plastic carriers are part of a tangible memory that can be linked to certain events in our life.

A bag of memories is a collection of memories I had in the past one week revolving different plastic carriers that I carried each day. Inspired by the hourly comic, this exercise was observed each day in a week. During that one week, I did not orchestrate my day to fit the exercise , rather it was a self observation. I planned my day as I would like any other day, and everyday there was a unique story that unfold itself with each bag.

The deliverable is presented in a series of meaningful collages, depicted by the highlight of the day with each different bags. Each plastic carriers are edited and synopsised depicting the highlighted event itself.

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*Narrative are fictional

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