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LiveWeb Midterm

My midterm project was inspired based on Internet Relay Chat as well as Webcamera sharing platform like Chatroulette. From observation in class, I was curious to create a chat arena where it will take a photo of you as you chat.

While going through the module, it made me question about integrity as well as the idea of consent. It occurs to me that we are living in an era where there is a fine line on consent, it seems like we are more accepting to consent others to enter specific information about us.

I wanted to push this idea by reversing the idea of giving the user the ability to take a photo of other users while chatting. It made me realize that this act is commonly done for hackers who hack other user webcamera.

The idea

Two or more user will be chatting with one another, as they type a message, the webcamera will take a photo of the user and both the image and the message will be captured, received and sent to the browser. Both users (or more) will be able to see the images and messages sent on browser.

You can view the two renditions here. Unless the server is off for some reason and you are not able to see them, you can view the documented images at the bottom of this page.


The first initial test didn't go as expected because some of the images didn't go through when the user type a message.

Pushing the Idea

My main goal was to allow the user play the role of a 'hacker', as the user type a message and sent it, it will take a photo of other users but not him. This will be emitted out and sent to the browser.

It worked out okay, it did not work as smoothly as the first iteration, perhaps it is the arrangement of the code that I had.

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