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Thesis: Update 1

The Male Gaze

It is a feminist theory coined coined by Laura Mulvey.​

It is about having the male interest in mind. How does it invoke sexual politics of the gaze seen commonly in Advertising, film, comics etc. Women are stripped of their dignity, compromising their sexuality to sate men

It empowers men, but objectifies women. We have seen rape, abusiveness, on the rise over the years caused by men. Is this the work of the male gaze? I question if the male gaze a feminist theory, an issue for women or is it a men 's issue?

Are there any difference of the male gaze between the east and the west? Race and ethnicity? What is the role of media that produces this male gaze? What is the role of religious belief systems, the family structure, social structure and how all these intersect.

How can technology be put into place to subvert the male gaze?

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