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ObotClosure (Prototype)

Oboture is a play of robotic toy and a guest sensor. The intent of oboture is to act as a guest greeter at the entrance of a store or house in disguise as a robot/radio. The arduino and the sensor that runs the program is kept in the enclosure (oboture). The mechanics of the oboture is quite simple. As a guest walk past oboture, the sensor would read a presence and a robotic sound will emit from the speaker. The guest could also interact with oboture by pressing the button and the antenna would rotate.

The Process

I was inspired by the wood robot and wanted to create something that has similar characteristic to it. I took a toy and dismantled the toy to extract certain parts and use it.

There were a few parts that I took from the toy, the antenna and the buttons.

I first measured my arduino and drew on the wood that i intend to use.

After cutting the box to size, I made a hole using the drill press to house my arduino.

Using the same method as above, I created a hole for the IR sensor.

To house my antenna and the button, I drilled a hole to fit both of the elements.

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