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I am Ridwan Madon, a multi-disciplinary designer with experience in Visual, UI, and UX Design, Interactive Design, and Art Direction. I find possibilities in design problems and create meaningful solutions from them.



A bit

I’m a multi-disciplinary designer from Singapore who was based in New York City. I’m a Product Designer, an art director, a designer, and an interactive designer with a passion for brands and digital interaction. I make things people love – love to watch, love to use, and love to see. I create unique concepts and immersive brand experiences translated with incredible design across all channels.

I’ve worked in small digital agencies, large organizations, and my own freelance gig with both private and government organizations. I graduated with a Bachelors's Degree in Visual Communication from NTU (Singapore) and pursued my master's at New York University, Tisch School Of The Arts - Interactive Telecommunication Program (ITP). When I’m not working I’m usually out toying with emerging technologies and finding new meanings with tech and social cause, especially those that pertain to empathy. I’m a huge fan of horror films, anything that scares me is my go-to. Thanks for visiting my website.


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