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of memories 

Plastic carrier is an object we often take granted for. To majority, it is just a piece of disposable object that has no value other than containing. However, I personally find plastic carrier has a potential as a baggage of memories by itself. These plastic carriers are part of a tangible memory that can be linked to certain events in our life.


A bag of memories is a collection of memories I had in the past one week revolving different plastic carriers that I carried each day. Inspired by the hourly comic, this exercise was observed each day in a week. During that one week, I did not orchestrate my day to fit the exercise , rather it was a self observation. I planned my day as I would like any other day, and everyday there was a unique story that unfold itself with each bag. 


The deliverable is presented in a series of meaningful collages, depicted by the highlight of the day with each different bags. Each plastic carriers are edited and synopsised depicting the highlighted event itself. 

*Narrative are fictional


Home depot plastic bag

I hate plywoods, I really hate them. But what made me hated it more was when a piece of plywood, half of my height that I bought in Home Depot dropped on my toe at the counter. I was unable to walk properly and I had the whole journey to the subway. As I was walking, the cold wind kept slapping on my face and my hands almost frozen. The only thing keeping me warm was my frustration that was boiling on high . As I was struggling, a kind young beautiful woman approached me and asked if I needed help. My man ego wanted to vehemently say ‘No!’ but really, who am I kidding. I submitted to her help and she carried the other half of the plywood. Turns out she live two stops away from where my station. We talked, we laughed and got to know each other for that quick 40 mins ride. Thank you was not enough and I was persistent to give her a token of my appreciation. I told her I can bake. She agreed, we exchanged numbers, we parted. 


Thank you bag

Why did I say I can bake? I cannot bake for nuts! I spent the whole of yesterday night watching hours of baking videos on youtube but, I fell asleep and the only thing I could remember was I needed flour. I remembered coming across a quick premix cake at the grocery store nearby, I rushed down and got myself anything that sounds complicated to make, so I got myself a box of premix red velvet cake, it sounded complicated to me atleast. When I was done, to my horror, I realise I do not have a box to keep the cake, I had to cut them in squares and put it in a tupperware. I quickly took the plastic bag from the grocery shop, ‘How apt! It says thank you!’, I exclaimed to myself. I rushed out and met her.


Vans plastic bag

It was snowing the day before and my shoe has reached to its critical death. I needed a new shoe so badly. She agreed to accompany me after her work and we went to shop for my new shoe. Naturally, I am a fast shopper, it took me less than half an hour to settle on a shoe that I really liked. She even bought a pair of shoes too!


She was thoroughly impressed and how fast I shopped  and she confessed how she love spending time with me. I was smiling from ear to ear and never felt so happy in my whole existence. She also love the cake that i ‘baked’, I said I was a good cook too and she wanted to taste my cooking. I invited to her place the next day. 

1 MARCH 2018

Fairway plastic bag

Why did I say i can cook? I cannot cook for nuts!  I did some groceries shopping from fairway the night before and it came on time. I was clueless where to begin, but I cooked whatever recipe I can follow online. My housemate knocked out at the sofa, next to our dining table. I was being too Asian to bother him so I let him sleep. When she came, the food was served on the table, with candles and everything you can think of, we were also serenaded by my housemate snore. We quickly end dinner and eventually watched a movie. 

2 MARCH 2018

Harmony face values

The next day, she texted me and said she wanted to shop for cosmetics and she was wondering if I could accompany her. We met and she said she will set a challenge to herself, she wanted to do what I did finding my shoe, she put herself a time limit of 30 mins to settle on one blusher. I was happy to hear this, we started with Sephora, and I was eager to get out of the place in 30 mins, but it dragged more than 30 mins, she couldn’t find what she wanted so we went to M.A.C, Chanel, Make Up Forever, NYX, Benefit and finally Harmony Face Values. By the time we were done, it took her 5 hours to find that one blusher.

3 MARCH 2018

H&M plastic bag

I was tired from the shopping activity  yesterday, I wanted to rest and spend my weekend just to unwind. 10:00AM, I received a text from her, and she wanted to try out her challenge again! I wanted to vomit all the curse words I can think of in the world, but instead i exclaimed ‘Yes, Sure!’. When we reached the store, she tried out all the clothes like there is no tomorrow, forgetting the 30 mins time grace. We started early with shopping so there wasn’t a lot of customers. I was standing at the fitting room, waiting for her when someone tapped my back. I turned and was surprised to see one of my close friend. He knew who I was going out with but his next action caught me off guard. He took out his phone, stood outside the door where she was changing in the fitting room and snapped a photo of her changing. I stood rooted to the ground as he snap away. I stomped towards him but he ran away. The door slammed open, I turned around and received a hard slap on the face from her. She stormed off before I could even explain it.

4 MARCH 2018

Hershey’s Bag

Frustrated, depressed and very upset. She did not reply to my messages despite explaining to her what happened. I sat at central park alone to clear my mind. I bought some chocolates hoping she would accept my explanation and meet, but I guess I am too delusional. 

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