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HelloComputer (Final) - BreakUp Aid

About Breakup Aid

If you are reading this, you probably might have gone through a horrible break up in your life, or not. It doesn't matter, what matters most is that this voice application designed for google home would help you or any of your friends or family who are going through the struggles of a break up, recover from them and feel better than they were before.

BreakUp Aid was created with the intention to be a substitute for a listening ear when you need immediate attention but couldn't find one. It is also a companion when you feel more comfortable talking to a chat bot than a human about about personal trials like break ups.

Why Breakup Aid?

At times when we need the presence of someone to comfort us, they might be too busy or they are not there. We may also feel like we are causing too much of a burden by taking their time to listen to our sorrows. The voice application fills that void, however, to what extent can voice technology be a replacement to humans?

This application is an exploratory piece that encourages the user to interact and go through the consolation process. As the user go through the motion, they will start to question the reliability and integrity of the chat bot as oppose to talking to a human.


The application is made with the integration of Dialogflow, open speech APIs, Node.js and conversational UI design. The chat bot is given a personality that would address the needs of the user, in this case, someone who needs a listening ear. It is presented in google home as it is a convenient platform for users to use. It is housed in a handmade pillow solely for this application. User's could hug the pillow while having a conversation with lily, the chat bot, making it a tactile experience.

This is a final piece project for my Hello Computer module, fall 2018 class in NYU, ITP. Special thanks to my adjunct professor, Nicole He who spent tirelessly planning and teaching the class.

The code is available in Github.

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