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Portable (prototype)

The portable, by Madon 2017

I am someone who never liked to have things kept in my pocket of my trousers or jeans. Therefore, you will always see me carrying a small bag that would contain whatever that I need or a bigger bag, a bag nonetheless! Having said that, I always have issues finding things from my bag especially when the environment is dark or it is at night. As much as I am a very organised person, things get haywire once I put my stuff in my bag, as though it went through a dryer machine and everything is everywhere.

Deriving from this issue that I have, I wanted to create a portable bag that I could use to illuminate my bag just enough to find what I need, but at the same time I want it to be portable so that I can use it for my other bags and not just one. This idea however transcended into another and I developed it further. I wanted the portable bag to do more than just one task, to add value to it, I wanted it to be used outside of the bag. I wanted the Portable to be carried around when they are running, or hiking. It is not a replacement of a torchlight, but rather a signal for others of their presence.

The Making

Initial Idea

I wanted a strip of LED so that it will be flat enough to fit in the bag that I wanted. The placement of the led however would be on top of the bag where the opening is.

I took different parts of a bicycle torch because of the LED, I deconstruct and construct it on my own to fit my purpose. I did a few trial and error to get the connection right.

After assembling

the led to the switch, and the spring to the metallic part for electricity, I needed a housing for batteries. I tried to create on my own but it was a multiple failed attempt. So I decided to remove certain parts of a used battery housing instead.

I needed the battery housing to be small enough to fit in the bag. I had to saw it to scale and file it eventually to make it smooth.

Filing the battery housing.

Assembling the batteries and the metallic parts together.

The battery was lose and could not fit in for any voltage to pass through, so therefore I had to reinforce it with tape.

Unfortunately, tape was not strong enough. I had to use further reinforce it with a cable tie.

When everything is done and tested. I had to put the light in the bag. However I realise a big issue.

The bag had very little space for me to put the light. Therefore, I had to create on my own. The image on the right is the first version of the small bag. Which was also a failure because the bag is too small. I realised it has to be longer but still compact.

I then created my own bag, made to measure and fit the light accordingly. I added a handle so that it can be used to attach it to a belt or other places that is deem possible for one to carry.

The testing

The portable torchlight prototype worked wonderfully. It has three functions for the light, a stay on light, a dimmer light and a blinking light.

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