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AME (Augmented Musical Expression) Collaborative Sculpture (MWMR Finals)

Throughout the whole semester in Magic Windows MixedUp Reality, I was inspired by works that was shared with us in class, created by promising artists and upcoming ones. While there are many routes to choose from, I personally feel that Augmenting my space and sharing it with others to collaborate and create an augmented change in the shared space resonate me the most.

For my final piece in Magic Windows MixedUp Reality, I intend to make a collaborative augmented reality that spawns minimalist, anti-form line drawing sculpture on site specific locations based on the user. Each stroke is spawned by the user touch on the screen, each line drawn sculpture would also produce a unique music piece. Each time a stroke of the line is drawn by the user, it will produce different musical note, once completed, the minimal drawn sculpture will keep playing the combination of sounds each strokes made, producing a musical composition.

Why create this piece?

There are times where I feel I want to change or add a specific space that we are in, to make it livelier or even beautify it without vandalizing. Leaving behind a digital blueprint of this would allow me to do that, in collaboration with others who would like to participate.

What is the main goal?

The main goal of the final piece is to create a collaborative augmented reality that calls for users to create minimal, anti form line art sculpture, fused with Augmented musical expression.


I was inspired by Keith Sonnier, a post minimalist artist who creates anti form light sculpture as a way to tell his narrative from his experiences. Keith works are experimental that is quirky and fun to observe.

Another inspiration was by Keiichi Matsuda, Augmented City. His play of making an augmented city captivated by creativity which made me think of how relevant this would be in the near future.

Google, Creative Lab made a line art game, the idea was to create line drawing games for user to play among themselves.


The user will be able to create line drawings, each stroke will produce a musical note. When combined, the minimal line sculpture will produce unique musical composition.

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