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Self obliteration

Hoarders are people who can be too emotionally attached to object(s) and find it hard for them to remove this sentiment completely.

Self-obliteration is a video art that speak of a non-linear fictional narrative revolving a young woman who is obsessed with plastic bags. She is not just obsessed with them, she is very emotionally attached to each and every one of them. To her, all of her bags speak of a memory etched to her mind. Her senses are heightened every time she carries a plastic bag. She is obsessed with the smell, the sound and the look of it. Every bag is carefully taken care of because it contain sentimental value from her trips with each bag.

She often has a monologue on her own, she question the integrity of the people she knew personally with their own bags. She often get upset when plastic bags are not carefully treated.

To observe the video, please proceed to this link


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