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I have always enjoyed observing the nature of textiles and how different materials formed as a unit. I dream of a material or a garment that would break the threshold of wearables. I imagine people wearing it and their mood or state of mind would manipulate the textile interactively, as though it has a life of it own. When a group of people convene with the tactile textile, I imagine a symphony of unintentional formed performance on its own, based on the mood of the user.


My vision is a spatial space where people don on these material and they are informed of each other mood or feelings by using a sensor embedded on the garment/material. These garment/material will act as a transparency to how one feel without having to express verbally.


I want to investigate, experiment and develop an interactive tactile textile that could manipulate the fabric by forming and deforming. These manipulation will be controlled by the mood and/or feelings of the user by the use of sensors. 3D printed textiles or fabrics like organza could be potential possibilities of forming and deforming, while there is a need to conduct findings and experimentation on which sensors or data analysis that could detect mood and/or feelings.


  • 9 February - Research phase: Mood board / Materials / sensors / researchers

  • 15 February - Research on faculties working on same field / Research on fabric manipulation

  • 21 February - Explore soft circuitry

  • 28 February - Sensory, use sensors and outputs to replace or shift one human sense.

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