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Wearable Technology or Fashion Technology?

One question remains at the top of my mind would be, what is wearable technology? The following questions precedes on;

The definition?

Is it something that can be worn on daily or only on special instances?

How does wearable technology affect the every day human user?

Is it beneficial?

Is fashion technology carries the same definition?

Wearable technology are fabrication of textiles infused with technology. These wearables are more often than not, act as a device that can be worn easily with a main function. These wearable technology has found itself a niche in the commercial realm as part of an integrated system in consumer's daily routines.

Fabric Manipulation

Fabric Manipulation+Technology

Ying Gao is a fashion designer and has achieved personal distinction through numerous interactive and creative fashion technology pieces. Her works usually questions our assumptions about clothing by combining urban design, architecture and media design.


Explore the possibilities of fabric manipulation and technology that would provide feedback that goes beyond raw data. I imagine the piece to somewhat have a life on its own, giving the impression that they are controlled by the body.

Area of possibility: Social identity : Self-Expression.

Example: Mood/Feelings, how could you express yourself through the piece?

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