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LiveWeb (MidTerm Idea) Class 6

For my midterm project, I am interested in toying around with sockets and how it can be implemented on the basis of my idea. I have been observing the in class examples and some of the works done by other students in class and it has inspired me to create a chat box that captures the image of the user as you chat and stores that image on the browser when the user leave as an archive.

We are living in the era where consent seems to be too seamless in any given platform. This project act as a mockery to the current status that we are going through as a society on the internet. The internet is literally an open door for anyone to see, we can look into the browsing habit of someone if we do packet sniffing on their network that they are on without them knowing.

My midterm would be a reflection of this ideation that consent seems to be insignificant and we leave our trace behind for others to know what we did.

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