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HelloComputer (Week 7)

Reading Thoughts

Anatomy of An AI System

It is easy for us to forget where most of our resources came from. The food that we eat has layers of processes before we consume them. The clothes that we wear has gone through different labor before our skin touches them. Every item that we can imagine has a convoluted chain; one that have to go through different links to produce.

I feel disturbed by Crawford & Joler article. Not because I disagree with their writing, but because I agree with them and it makes me uncomfortable knowing that we are the ones that want this cycle of chain to keep exist and because we are always unsatisfied, we want technology to be better, bolder and stronger than the previous but we forget the repercussions that it contain.

Their example of using Amazon Echo is a great epitome of how humans would subconsciously trade off convenience for unpaid human labor, data and planetary resources. This came to me as a shock too, I would haver never realize that we are involved in this chain. Perhaps we are ignorant because we refuse to acknowledge such information, or maybe there is the absence of conversations revolving the subject.

These voice-based interactions systems are genuinely helpful for our day to day, but by investigating it further and deconstructing the infrastructural system, we would only understand that these system relies on the consumer to feed voice commands that would be retained and analyzed as part of a training data. As much as this is a unique and resourceful method, giving such information without prior notice is unethical. However, I am not sure if people realize that, the era that we are living now is an era where consent is obligatory yet we find it despairing. But this volume of data are rich content data that should be given a value. Therefore, I feel that consumers should be paid every single time he/she feeds an information to the system.

Final Presentation Concept

Presentation slides here

Project title: Breakup Aid (A basic breakup aid voice kit)

What is it?

BreakUp Aid is a break up kit with voice technology that help users who need immediate attention, recover from a break up.


Studies has shown that when people goes through a break up, a high percentage of people pass through a transitioning stage where they feel their soul are crushed, self-pitying, maximum anger, revenge inclined or an all around unbearable heartache. While there are plenty of resources to use as a form of remedy when going through such turmoil of emotions, we tend to need an immediate attention to calm the soul or fill that void. As much as we may have contacts in our list that we could speak to, our friends or family may be too busy to respond immediately. This kit will serve as a first line initial basic remedy.


The break up voice kit will be presented as a pillow/plush toy. At the front of the pillow, it will house a google home. The user will say things like ‘I got dumped’ or ‘I just broke up’ etc and the sequence of conversation to aid the user will follow.

Who is it for?

General public who are going through a tough break up.

User Persona:

Christine, 26, Marketing Executive, Socialite

Christine is a women in her 20s, full of joy and living her life with her Instagram famous and heartthrob boyfriend.

She is very proud of her boyfriend, and always boast about him in any social media platform you can think of #mybfisbetterthanyours.

Recently, she found out from her best friends that her boyfriend has been cheating on her. This rumor was true when she checked her bf’s ig private messages.

With the world crumbling down, she could not face the world nor any of her close contacts.

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