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Bodies In Motion (Week 5)

Rigged Cameras, Hand Tracking

This week lab opened up a new perspective on camera's using rigid bodies as the main entity. Setting up the rigged cameras in Unreal controlled by the motion trackers in the studio gives us a sense of movement using camera and how this could be interacted with the human body.

Getting ready before the actual take

Terrick jumped in and put on the Perception Neuron Suit which had a faulty left arm, it took us awhile to redistribute the Neurons into the different socket. It worked eventually but I just feel that the suit that we had was not cooperating as how it should be. Despite the calibration, the movement on unreal was not forgiving.

Using unreal and also trying out the hand tracking

The hand tracking was a huge disappointment. It did not move the way we wanted it to,

and it doesn't have a sense of the X coordinates.

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