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Magic Windows (Unity/Narrative)

Initial Idea

Recently, I have been hearing news about my relatives falling ill. Some of them suffering from different stages of cancer, one who is terminally ill. When I was home during the summer, I managed to visit some of my relatives who are ill. While talking to them, they shared with me their journey of their daily life. While they seemed very positive about surviving and fighting the cancer, there is a small sense of insecurity, that death is nearer to them than before.

While thinking about this, one of my relative whose dad is terminally ill, told me that her dad periodically consume morphine. Morphine is a drug used as a pain medication, it can also cause you to hallucinate. I had a fair share of seeing this first hand when my grandmother was diagnosed with critical stage of cancer, her hallucination can go beyond imagination and sometimes, it creeps me out.

The Narrative

The fear of death is a common emotion among people whether you are healthy or not. When I was reflecting about this, I imagined an entity (or in my beliefs and others, the existence of angel of death - coexist in our world to take your life when you are at the brim of death.

I remembered watching American Horror Story - The Asylum Series, the role of the Angel Of death was very captivating. Every time she appears in the scene, the sense of fear exist but also calmness. This conflicting of emotions is very trigging. In the scene below, the Angel Of death was extracting the life of a person who summoned her to take his life. While she was doing so, a Nun came in to witness this. The Death Angel was shocked upon realizing that the nun was able to see her (no other humans can see the Death Angel).

An extract from American Horror Story (The angel of death scene)

I was relating this idea of the seen and unseen with VR. The motivation of this project is to look into the unseen from the perspective of someone who is deteriorating with life or to revisit what they have seen before. I question the things that they see and we don't, how do they feel when they see them? How did they make it all go away?

Death Bed

Death Bed is a hypothetical AR project to recreate the visuals seen on the death bed of someone who has passed. The purpose of this project is to make a visual understanding between the living and the world beyond us, allowing the living to observe the unseen. The user will have the opportunity to evaluate themselves on this possibility.

The Moodboard

The Final Idea

A complete reverse of idea. Hafi & I decided to team up and create a new narrative that would fit the brief. We decided to play along with the narrative of Alice In Wonderland. The story itself has different elements that are very trigging in relation to interactive in the perspective of Augmented Reality.

We crafted the narrative that would suit the different interaction that we want for AR with multiple Targets. The story started with Alice walking in the forest,while she was walking, the queen saw her from afar. At this point, the queen witnessed Alice reducing in size significantly as she gets nearer to the queen and disappears into a hole.

Angered by this, the queen wanted Alice to suffer her wrath. She commanded her soldier to find Alice, capture her dead or alive.

Sequence of AR:

Scene 1

1) Image Target 1, read obj1(Alice) - Walking in a forest.

Scene 2

1) Image Target 2, read obj2(Queen) - Queen nodding.

Image Target 1, read obj1(Alice)

- Alice seen walking

- As she walk nearer to the queen, she became smaller.

Scene 3

1) Image Target 3, read obj3(Soldier) - Soldier on the look out for Alice

Image Target 1, read obj1(Alice)

- Alice is seen walking nonchalantly .

Image Target 3, read obj3(Soldier) - Soldier seen Alice and looks at her.

Image Target 1, read obj1(Alice) - Alice goes closer to soldier.

Both Image Target 3, 1 - Soldier chase alice both run into the distance.

The Models

Models are designed in Fuse and rigged in Mixamo.

Unity Process

I wanted to create a button for the second scene. Where the user will be able to press and the Queen will react. However, I had issues not with the script but trying to assign each of the object (Queen & Alice) onto the script itself.

I figured it would be easier for me to test out this the next time and just use a scale interaction instead which works well then.

The Final product

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