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HelloComputer (DialogFlow)


Hello Sandra.

Is Sandra like siri or google home? It is interesting to listen to this Podcast, they allowed me to imagine how it would be like to 'live' in the life of Siri/Google Home in a very human like environment. Sandra 'Hope is a Mistake' has an intriguing start to the Podcast, for a brief moment, it made me question the reality of this possibility for our smart devices, using humans to answer all our questions.

This some what reminded me of a certain time in the early 2000s, I was really young then but I remembered seeing advertisements on newspapers for people to make paid phone calls to either 'find pen pals, seek advises or just playing phones games possibly? They get feedback in real time from the person on the other call. Sandra reminded me of that, but in a more current environment.

The second episode of the podcast, user experience, was really exhilarating! It started out with dustin saying how they think his department is lacking in empathy, that people are not liking their job and doing for the sake of doing. Helen then defended her stand saying she enjoys it and was thrilled to help some of the 'clients'. The podcast then transitioned to a real life scenario of Helen and her personal problems, I guess being very emotional herself, she gave relationship advise to one of the 'client' and revealed all the data that she knows about both of them.

I was intrigued by this, because Helen is human and naturally she was affected by the phone call that her mother in law made. After listening to the conversation that her 'client' was going through, she felt strongly for the 'client' but mainly because she probably went through the same toxic relationship before. This made me realize that using humans in Sandra might not be a good idea because humans are emotionally inclined, we can be emotionally unstable too when something happened to us prior, perhaps it is better to just use machines because they don't go through the same emotional ride as we humans.



It took me a while to wrap my head around DialogFlow, I kept getting default response as my output. I tried multiple times, trying different configurations and looking at different tutorials. I soon came to realize that there is a followup function after an intent, that actually worked out well for me. I also feel that it helps if I were to create a table of content/chart flow first before creating anything on DialogFlow.

The idea

I have always been in love with cats and I wanted to make a chatbot that could render assistance to potential customers who would like to get services for their cat. I wanted to make a google cloud function but it seems complicated for me at this stage. I could play on it at a later stage.



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