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BodiesInMotion (Week 3)

Data Cleaning(Lab)

We were taught in class how to compile data and also clean it. The process to clean a data takes an extensive period of time if we do not consider factors that could determine a well taken and clean data. Some of these factors are making sure that the room is calibrated, next we need to make sure that each of the points that we paste on our model is at the right position. Once these factors are considered, we can begin capturing data, while it is important to also take note especially for the technical person looking at the screen that certain movement might not reflect greatly on the data.


Motion Capturing in Slow Motion

Initial Motion Capture

Our initial motion capture we wanted to do it slow. We were warned by other group members before us that we should avoid really abrupt movements like jumping or swift movements. We listened to them and tried it slow, but it came out too perfect that there wasn't anything that we can clean. So we did any retake.

Second Retake


Character Design

Inspiration for Character Design

For my character design, I wanted to create a character that is in between a dwarf and also a fairy. I envision my character to have long hands and a short torso. It doesn't move like a human being, but rather it is always skipping a step and jumping while walking.



Our initial video that we did not turn out well because we exported it as 120fps. We resorted to using another group who was kind enough to share their footages. Regardless, the process of retargeting the character was not intuitive and takes time to wrap my head around.


XX - Facing some issues exporting to unreal - XX

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