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MotionCapture in Action

We had an interesting day at the Lab today, we went through a refresher of the technical side of setting up and wanding. By now, most of us are familiar with the process and going through each step without a glitch.

Setting up the rigid bodies on our model was an interesting process. We relied heavily on the reference model and placed them accordingly. Thankfully, there were some students who has done this before and they know what is expected from us in order to get a perfect reading from the cameras.

After we are done placing the rigid bodies on our model, we had to assign each of our model to create and define a proper rigid body. It is important to do it one person at a time, and it is also important to settle on a name of the model and not to change during the whole process because it will complicate things further.

When we had both of our rigid body assigned, we put them to test. We also have to take note that the model would have to be in a T-Pose with legs spread apart in order to get a proper defined skeleton. We ran into some problem when we wanted to sync our skeleton onto unity, we needed Todd’s help which he did remotely. I am still unclear of the issue that we ran into, one of them was probably the naming issue because we changed the name mid-way through the project.

Regardless, when everything was all done, we took a character from mixamo and put it in our scene. The skeleton rigged onto the character well and it was an amazing sight to behold.

The recording

The Environment

The Bidadari - Fairies

Travel through time fairies to make amends of any issues/disaster in the world that will happen in the future, happened in the past or happening in the present. There are two fairies, the kind and evil. They always find themselves in a heated argument on whether to make amends of the situation.

Character analysis:

Bida is the kind fairy, loves to help others and always put himself first before others. He is however a hoarder, he brings in item that he finds fascinating from the world and bring it in to his world, no matter the size, he likes it, he takes it. You may recognise some of these ‘artefacts’ that went missing from the face of the earth.

Dari is a complete opposite of bids, he prefers situation to be in the state where it is meant to be, i.e: if there is a war, he will let the war happen. He is constantly in a argument with bida because they both can’t find a middle ground in their argument. Unlike bida, he is particular about cleanliness and hated clutter.


As my environment are more inclined to an illustrated style, I envision it to be playful with certain height elements because the fairies has wings to fly and love to make full use of space and obstacles.

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