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Live website has an interesting characteristics to them. Most of us are intrigued by them mainly because we know they are live and we are communicating to the other with the other person in real time. Live web opens up a whole new possibility not just for communication, but as well as marketing, selling and also troubleshooting.


Smule is one great example of a live video feed karaoke session. User's are given the choice to pick their song of choice and the people who wants to sing these songs. The idea is to have a collaboration nature, by having a partner to sing your favourite song. In return, these people who are singing are also performing live for other audience to see. They will receive comments and likest throughout their go!

Amazon is known for their fantastic customer service. It is no doubt that their live customer service representative is a high class of their own. The usage is very intuitive and the design allows the user to navigate without any troubles.


I wanted to create a chat box inspired by Whatsapp, line and the likes. However, before I even get to start doing the assignment proper, I have been facing several issues. First Issue was I couldn't get my client/Server to communicate properly. It kept saying there is nothing on the website for it to extract. I spoke to several people and they mention it is the directory of my files should be as. I am still trying to figure this out!

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