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I am eager to start with the MotionCapture/Bodies In Motion class. This would be my first hand experience using motion capture as a digital tool to create a piece of interactive/animated piece. I had previously prior experience in the field of animation, I enjoy 2D animation and has always been fascinated by the use of advanced animation technology for visual storytelling or conceptual piece of art.

We went through the lab to fully understand the different layers of sequence that we would require to go through when handling the MotionCapture itself. I realize how important it is to calibrate the cameras and ensuring that is done correctly before proceeding on to do the other steps.

The interface for both platforms would take some time of getting used to, but with practise, I am sure I am able to go through the platform easily. With MotionCapture, the possibilities are endless. I am capable to incorporate projection mapping and even VR/AR and make a mixed reality art.

I have always been very intrigued by the advancement of technology and the renderings of animation today. Albeit the fancy animation environment that we see today, for example sci-fi and or futuristic, I am inclined to create an environment that has a mixture of nostalgia, the now and the future. I have always been fascinated by the game LittleBig Planet and loved the environment so much that I wanted to create that for my first assignment. I also wanted to incorporate certain elements from my Malay culture for example an architectural elements that could easily blend in together with the environment.

You may observe my art environment here.

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