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The socket game was an interesting way to explore connecting a server using TCP socket connection. I used two potentiometer to control the movement for both directions and a button as a switch to connect/disconnect.


My initial problem was getting my button to function the way I wanted it to. I checked my connection and the wiring was perfectly fine. It only worked when I change my button to a new one, it might have probably been a faulty button.

My second problem was getting the arduino board to connect to the wifi. Again, I started troubleshooting by checking my connections, followed by my code and my IP address. Having to check all of them, I still couldn't get the arudino to work. Resetting the arduino multiple times and changing the board three times didn't work either. I was certain that it might have either been my code or my wiring, I used my friend's arduino which was working for them and put it on mine, and amazingly, it worked just fine.

I couldn't troubleshoot the issue, I had no idea and there were a few other classmates who had the same issue as well. At this juncture, I was convince it is the arduino, or maybe not. My last straw was to change to another board, this time using my friends board's which works fine. All said and done, I tried for the very last time, this time around I didn't include 8080 in the ip address, strangely it works.

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