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Project Development: Progress


There has been some development over the past few weeks, going through different possibilities and thinking about how I could automate the piece that I wanted. I am very convinced to use accessories as the main vehicle for my interactive piece plainly for two reasons;

1) They are easy to use, it can be worn without any hassle, it is not too bulky.

2) It can be worn with any garment making it very versatile.

Inspiration From nature

I was inspired by nature and how certain reptiles/birds behave and reciprocate to threats or to attract. I observed these dynamic actions and conceptualized them and think of a possible way to translate them to wearables.


While making some sketches, I thought about how I could automate the pieces. There are a few options that I considered.

1) Using a button and the user will have the option to trigger the piece.

2) Using a raspberry pi camera as a face detection to trigger the piece.

Development - Rapid prototyping

Creating the rapid prototyping was helpful in my situation. It made me realize some issues that I encountered and how I can face these issues before creating the piece proper.

Development - Prototyping

For the prototype, I used a servo motor to open the piece (which acts like a fan) . I used a cardboard material for the piece, I did however faced some issues using this material. The material was sturdy and thin but it could not hold the weight of the piece when it is activated. It might be the way it is designed or the material itself.

Moving Forward

I am looking into using another material, perhaps a light metal fusing it with some fabrics that I manipulate to add some dimension. I am contemplating on creating another piece to make this as a collection.

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