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Symphony Sound

I have always been curious about communication of insects between one another, especially those that uses a certain calling. It fascinates me to deconstruct their communication and experiment their sounds in a abstract manner. I was curious to recreate a delayed recording of the cricket, they are known to be the ‘God’s Choir’ and layering this with the sound of a human chattering.

While compiling my audio, I chance upon a recording of a young racoon that I had when I was in central park during fall. With the same delayed effect I used for the Cricket, I edited the recording and tried to make a similar outcome.

As I was editing, it immediately occured to me how interesting it would be if I juxtapose a conversation of kids that I had recorded on my recent trip to the park and experiment with these found recordings . The process however, made me curious to know how it would sound like to reverse it and layer on top of the rest.

What I find amazing was how the chattering of the kids, probably the age of 4-6, sounded like they were humming to a song when their recording were put on reverse. While stitching the layers together, I notice a coincidental recurring theme to my collection of recordings. All the recordings, less the cricket, were at a young age upon the day of recording, they had a playful intonation with various pitches.

The outcome was a non-linear, experimental layering of the recordings that juxtapose between the chattering of the humans and the reverse to the sounds of the delayed cricket and racoon. The layering was a symphony of conversations made from nature and man between oneself with the element.

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