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Raindance with Yayoi Kusama

Our last two weeks for animation class, we delved into using Unreal Engine. It is not my first time using a 3D software, I had experience using 3D Max & Maya but that was years ago and I have completely forgotten most if not all.

For our assignment, I was very inspired to create Yayoi Kusama and her magical environment art. I have always admired her art, considering the illness that she went through and her unexpected twist of fate of her illness into something mesmerising.

I tried to model her using Fuse, the result was not as expected, I wish to explore more on the texture of the skin i.e: the wrinkles, pigmentation and what not. I hope to learn this eventually, although, it is way easier to model this rather than modelling a character from scratch in 3D max or Maya, as per past experience.

I then explored using the rigged and rendered yayoi kusama into unreal engine. After numerous attempt on using unreal engine and getting quite lost, I decided to take a ready made environment from I learnt alot from the tutorials and I recommend anyone to use if you plan to take up unreal engine. It was amazing how every camera was positioned and the lighting was well used. It made me realise all these minute details is paramount and would be best if you plan it ahead of time.

I am however still facing problem with changing the animation between movement, I would probably have to look into that.

Below you may find the video to the short exercise.

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