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Animation - Lift to hell.

Animation group

Designer/Animator: Ridwan Madon

Designer/Animator: Carrie Wang

Morbid. That is the best word to describe the work that we are about to embark for our animation project. For the love of darkness, and all things ghoulish, both Carrie and I have this interest about the topic that lingers at the back of our minds.

Our Animation tells a story about a person unexpected & unfortunate transition to the other world. It began with him waiting for the lift to the ground level. A normal routine for him turns our differently, the lift stops at level 6, when the lift doors open, he was greeted by an environment unfamiliar to him. Loud screams can be heard, people are crying hysterically in pain, figures that are ghastly in appearance were torturing these souls that looked almost soulless. He quickly shuts the door, the lift went down to level 4, the doors open and he was greeted by a sight that is completely opposite of what he saw earlier. Sweet fragrant of flowers went through his nostrils, it lingered in his mind for a while. Flower petals seen dropping elegantly to the ground. The sky was blue and the air could not feel any fresher ever in his lifetime. This was however short-lived, the door closes and it went straight down to the basement. The door opens up and he was back in hell and was pulled out forcibly.

We were inspired by this few animation done for Louis Vuitton. The animation made the audience connected to the painting.

More videos by Louis Vuitton.

We were also inspired by some of the movement and cuts done in this video.

This week's drawing:

It has been a while since i drew anything, and this past few weeks I have been drawing a little, I forgot how I quite like to shade using pencils or even charcoal.

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