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Between white fabrics

I love to travel and when I do, I like to observe the different cultures and more often than not, I am fascinated by it. Between white fabrics was inspired by sufi whirling dervishes dance. Sufi whirling dervishes is an active physical meditation that requires men to spin one's body in a repetitive circle.

It is often related to the movement of the planets, orbiting around the sun.

The progress

I began to start sketching to mimic the movement of the sufi whirling, I wanted a device that portray a fluid movement of the traditional wear rather than the physical human form. I did not want to work with fabrics, i wanted something that has form even when it is stationery.

I decided to work on plywood, which I find very suitable for this project.

I translated my sketch to illustrator and drew out these specifics shapes of gradual sizes.

I had them laser cut on cardboard first before attempting to cut it out on plywood.

Once done, I slot all 38 pieces on the wooden stick according to their size.

I used a DC Motor for the movement, I wanted to D.I.Y so I bought a pipe holder, you can get it from any hardware store which cost about $2 for 4. Problem is, the size was too big for my DC motor, but because it was made out of plastic, I could easily drill a hole to make it tighter, I used a BLUTACK to prevent the DC Motor to slip.

Once done, I made my own L shape holder that would fit nicely inside my enclosure, this would act as a holder for my DC Motor. I attached my DC Motor onto the L shape holder.

I bought a box from TheContainerStore, however it didn't come with a lid so I had to create one. The shape of the container was not a perfect square, despite the measurement, I had to figure out a way to cover the top of the container.

The final piece

The final piece is a great spectacle of movement that mirrors the whirling dervishes.

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