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Go gentle into that goodnight (Prototype)

Go gentle into that goodnight is a table lamp made out of affordable materials. Using only cork and styrofoam board, the materials were laser cut to precision and the joints were put together by a traditional Japanese architecture called the dovetail joint method.

The project started off differently, I wanted to create a planter made out of plaster of paris and wood. I created the mould and was prepared to construct them but, a sudden realisation dawned upon me that I may not be able to create a meaningful piece out of these two materials.

I began to research on Japanese architecture and came across dovetail joint. The interlocking of the joints are very robust and could even withstand earthquake. I was inspired by this and revolutionised my work into something far more minimalist.

I started my sketch and gathered my materials. Translated my sketch to illustrator and sent it to the laser cutting machine.

Finalising on the settings to cut the cork took a few trials and error. The material does not cut through easily, but it can leave burnt marks if you are not too careful.

The mechanics of the joint resembles of a jigsaw puzzle and the end product reached a certain amount of satisfaction.

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