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Soothing Soul (Prototype)

Soothing Soul in an inspiration derived by the state of mind. The idea of relaxing and in a calm disposition.

I come from a country where the hustle and bustle of city is part of our every day life. Singaporeans are known to rush wherever they go, even when they are not in a rush. Stress is a common terminology we often use in our day to day because we live by it, be it work, school or even our living, there will always be pressure caused by the higher authority.

But we need to learn to how to manage stress, to be able to pause time – metaphorically, and have our own time. I therefore created Soothing Soul, an item where people could use to help them ease their mind.

Soothing Soul is a tea light candle and incense burner holder. User are highly encouraged to place scented candle light and a incense stick of their choice.

The Process

It started out with a few sketches of the the type of holder i wanted. I was more intrigued to create a minimalist holder, the simpler the it is, the easier for the user to use it. However, creating something simple is not easy.

Measurements were taken into heavy consideration prior to getting the proper wood. The holder should not be too long or too short either.

Plywood was mainly used for the holder, it has that interesting texture which complement the minimalist style I was looking for.

I did proper measurement for the base. The base should be of a good size for an incense stick.

After the measurement, the plywood was sliced into 5 pieces.

The tea light candle holder was thicker than the plywood for the base, primarily because I will be creating a depression, wide and deep enough to fit the candle.

Once the individual pieces has been sliced, I sand them and used a wood glue to each of the pieces together.

I then created the placement holder for the candle light.

Once that is done, I stick the pieces together using a wood glue.

I noticed that there were some gaps in between. I used a wood filler to cover up the gaps. I then sand the pieces again to even out any imperfections.

Once done, I painted the pieces and let it to dry.

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