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ICM - The Beginning

I have very little experience with coding. But I cringe every time I said I have little experience with coding because the experience that I had was only meant for blogs, and simple website adjustments. I don't think it qualify me to have experience at all.

I have always wanted to learn proper coding, but never get around doing it. But, this is it! I am actually quite excited to get going with this. Something different other than my usual graphic and art directing routine, which is my primary background.

I have always enjoyed travelling, and being born in Singapore, the country is strategically located as a crossroads for Asia, or even, the world. Having said that, I have ventured to many countries mainly in South East Asia, East Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Travelling opens up my mind and allow me to embrace different cultures that co-exist in this eco-system we live in.

I thoroughly enjoy art installations and art with a social purpose. I have been heavily investing my time on finding the possibility to blur the lines between the conscious and the unconscious mind, particularly on mental health pertaining with schizophrenia. I am curious to know how computational media could marry with wearable technology, and create an interaction between the sound and the unsound minds and arrive to a coherent understanding.

Since I do not have any experience with coding, and after viewing the tutorial video by Daniel Shiffman (he is quite an animated person!) I figured it is best if I do the quiz first before diving into the assignment proper.

It was the best decision of the week, period

I started by doing the first coding assignment which was to recreate the artwork Piet Mondrian. It was not a simple process like A,B,C. I had issues figuring how to position each of the shapes on the canvas! I am used to exact measurement on other design platforms that it made me struggled a little. I still could not figure out how I can position my shape at one go, I have to go through many trials and errors based on numerous estimations. It was a headache, thank you.

But regardless, here is the work.

Recreation of Piet Mondrian of P5js* by Ridwan Madon, Img.1

The second quiz was a little tricky for me. I could not figure out how to rotate the rect. I tried using this code


However, the code doesn't work for me. There must be something that I have done wrong. I am not sure. At the moment, the work is as below.

Last quiz for P5js* by Ridwan Madon, Img.2

The Assignment

The assignment was initially quite intense in the beginning. I had an image in mind, but it took me a while to figure out what is the best way possible to create the image in my head to codes.

I had issues trying to rotate the rect(). I eventually manage to rotate it using the following code

translate(width/2, height/2); rotate(PI/3.0); rect(39, -170, 140, 30);

but I am not too sure if this is the best option or are there any other ways of doing this. Please help. I was very focussed on doing the work to a point where I did not document my processes. However, below you may find my completed image.

Assignment 1 on P5js* by Ridwan Madon, Img.3

You may find the link to the working code here. Working with the web editor was quite smooth, however there are some glitches that the web developer need to address. Sometimes, the web editor does not respond when the preview button is clicked. I would have to refresh the browser in order for the preview button to start working again.

Other than that, I am quite content with the outcome of my work.

Assignment 1 on P5js* by Ridwan Madon, Img 4

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