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Collaborative Design: I

Collaborative Design: How to build products in the age of AI? It is a legitimate question to ask before we delve ourself into creating one. There are many processes to formulate ideation, the first process taught in class is an interesting method that I find particularly enjoyable and effective.

There is a great synergy in our group, we are made up of designers, business maker, creative technologist, and designers. The variation of profiles allowed different perspectives and interesting responses from one another. In our first assignment, we discussed on various topics that revolve with issues pertaining to the world. While there are plenty issues to talk about, we structured our conversation on a topic that we are familiar with which are mainly - individual, character, technology, decaying of society, automation. Our conversation started to form quite strongly on the idea of automation and technology, we discussed on the percentage of the jobs in the world being replaced by automation and how this would cause an issue to high employment rate, crime rate, decrease in hand-skilled labor and etc.

Our conversation quickly escalated to invasion of our privacy & security, we took reference of China in particular because there has been a rise in security features in China, we start to question where do privacy draw the line and how do we define security? With the increase of high-technology and different platforms to communicate, the boundaries between privacy and security has been blurred that we hardly are bothered by them. Albeit the rise in this arena, society is constantly updating with technology and always wanting to have better and more than what they have. We relied too much on technology that it is part of our life now, this has cause a few social issues like the decay of society, we see this a lot when parents or family gather to have dinner or outing outside and they do not have conversation between one another but are too in tuned with their gadgets. Children are not spared in this instance, parents allow or encourage their child as young as 3 years old to play with gadgets like the iPad.

Our discussion slowly moved to character & increasing social presence via platforms using technology as an enhancement to this process. We began to look into the different persona of people who are active users in social media and juxtapose their personality in person. There is a huge disparity between these two especially among a group of people who are introverts in person but extroverts in online spaces. We tried to trace random cases of people who are in such situation and tried to structure a logical question around the topic.

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