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Affected by lines

This week, we were delighted to be taught arrays and objects. Honestly, it is getting far complicated than expected. Although, I do understand the logic of the code when it is taught in class, but, upon doing it, I was very lost, like a pin dropped in the haystack.

However, I did my best to create a sketch up to my understanding of how arrays, object, DOM and HTML (I know right, if it doesn't get any more difficult than this, we have to add HTML) works altogether. Although, I really don't think my sketch meet the requirement for this week's assignment.

Concept of sketch

I wanted to create a sketch where there are hidden words in the sketch (on the background). The user would have to interact with the sketch in order to reveal the hidden words. The user, would be greeted by streaks random lines moving across. There is a slider where the user would interact and the amount of lines increases, revealing the hidden word. The first version did not work as how I wanted it to be.

I tried to recreate a second sketch, but this time, playing around with the words. However, I am still struggling to create a DOM and put it in my second sketch. After much venting of my frustration, I decided to create a sketch with that has a slider DOM that would allow the user to change the colour of the background.

This is still work in progress.

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