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Due to the confidentiality of this project for a Fortune top 500 client, I am limited to showcase the process. I will, however, share my experiences and learning curves. The client’s Digital Worker Experience is a call made by the client to transform the organization into a digital-first workforce. Like many companies, the client is embracing alternative business models, deploying technologies, and adopting novel workplace practices. The company Digital Worker Experience focuses on efficiency in all areas for the workers.


Lead UI Designer

Project Type

Desktop / Mobile 



Business Designers / UX Researcher & Designers / Dev Team


From a UI perspective, it was a challenge to determine the direction that the client wanted. The client had an open brief in terms of Art Direction. It took some profound thinking for me to gather information and come up with a coherent Art Direction for the client. They had very strict brand guidelines to adhere with limited creative play on the design system which was in place. However, like all challenges, this heightened my creative perspective and allowed me to step outside the box.


How do we integrate a workforce of thousands to a platform that is intuitive to use for different roles and different environments?


I experimented with using technology, pushing the boundaries of how we can adapt new ways of thinking and implementation to the recently new. With the prominent use of AI, I proposed using AI to learn how the user navigate the website and the frequent content that the user use. With this knowledge, it can allow my design to push suggested content on the landing page of the desktop and mobile. Below is an extract of the wireframes I designed for this proposal. While this sounded very promising, the client preferred to have a communication heavy landing page to allow the workers to be up to date with current happenings in the company.

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CVS_Wireframing [Recovered]-03.jpg
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From this project, I learnt that it is important to take a step back and look things at a bigger picture. Understanding from the client perspective and also ensuring to have the user in mind. I also learnt that a good design system should be established by designers who are heavily involved in the project. Using and extracting assets while depending on them would make it a complicated process throughout the project.


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