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Interaction Designer






 ITP MidTerm 2017



Alden Jones


Gimme a high five!

Gimme a high five' is an interactive piece that was inspired by a recollection of my childhood days. High five is known as a gesture that would in some way, heightens the positive energy in someone. When I was young, I remembered growing up with my brother who was then, very mischievous, he often would ask me to give him a high five but intentionally give it a miss to make me feel miserable. I wanted to translate this etched memory of mine into something tangible, not with the intention to make others feel miserable but to recreate part of my memory, which I find it amusing.


The interactive piece is made up different materials, the hand is made out of light materials, the enclosure is made out of cardboard. The mechanics of the piece involves two servo motors, a sensor, and an LED screen. The LED screen will then read ‘You miss!’.












For documentation of this project, please visit the following blog:

Process 1

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