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Sleep In Eye Mask - Expressive Interfaces


The project started with the desire to address my issue with sleeping in. I enjoy my weekends and sleeping in is a great way for me to recover from the hectic week that I had.  By sleeping in, it would mean no to alarms and literally sleeping in for hours. However, I will feel regretful upon waking up because I wasted my entire morning when I could have been productive. I wanted a device that could wake me up without setting the alarm and allowing nature to be the call for the time for me to be awake.


Sleep In Eye Mask is haptic wearable that reads UV rays and provide a feedback through a vibrating disc located at the front of the eye mask where the temple of the user is. 


User Persona

Don is a creative designer, with a hectic work period over the week, his weekends are spent to relax and recharge his mind and soul. He doesn’t like to set his alarms over the weekend, because it will remind him of the weekdays, however, he is a hardworking person by nature, he doesn’t like to waste his day and sleeping in for too long feels like a waste for him. 


Why create the project?

Why create the project?: The project is meant for people who fit the persona of Don, I intend to create a device that would give a subtle feedback and relying on the sun UV rays as a source to trigger the feedback. 


Where is the mask meant to be worn?

The mask is meant for the user to use when sleeping at night till morning.  


When will the user use it?

There will be a threshold that is set for the UV ray. Sleeping mask is ideal for users who has wide windows in their room.

For documentation of this project, please visit the following blog:

Process 1

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