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Bodies In Motion (Interaction)

The Motion Capture

Our weekend lab was nothing short but amazing. The great thing about the session that we had was we really think it through the sequence of interaction that we wanted to create. We didn't have props, as I was the main actor, I relied completely on the director to give me directions on whether I was doing it right or I needed to exaggerate my movement further. From the session, I realize that good directions is paramount to a successful motion capture.

Getting ready before the actual take

It was intriguing for the beginning part, it was difficult because as an actor, I did not have any props and I had to imagine the environment that I was in. The director plus a few others tried to recreate some of the environment by pulling in some Velcro on me. It did not help tremendously but I guess it works a little.

First Scene

This scene was the hardest to take, it took a lot of imagination to make myself feel very light and that I am in zero gravity. It worked that I was being supported by barak and I had to make myself as light as possible.

Second Scene

The second scene was rather straight forward, I had to imagine being chased in a confined space of four walls.

The star of the motion capture was definitely when Stella, Gabriel's daughter came in and we immediately help to strap her up in the mocap suit. She was a natural, although I had to guide her most of the time, she was comfortable being her and seeing her captured self on screen.

Third Scene


Interaction with Geometry

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