December 15, 2017

Our last two weeks for animation class, we delved into using Unreal Engine. It is not my first time using a 3D software, I had experience using 3D Max & Maya but that was years ago and I have completely forgotten most if not all. 

For our assignment, I was very inspired...

December 2, 2017

Jimmy is any other ordinary individual who goes to work daily on an office hour basis. His usual mundane routine came to a twisted twist on one unfortunate day. An unexpected journey is greatly enlivened by the Chinese superstitious beliefs of numerical numbers and the...

November 9, 2017

Animation group

Designer/Animator: Ridwan Madon

Designer/Animator: Carrie Wang

Morbid. That is the best word to describe the work that we are about to embark for our animation project. For the love of darkness, and all things ghoulish, both Carrie and I have this interest...

November 6, 2017

If you have not read Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud, you definitely should start reading it now. This book, as the titles goes, talks about the different layers that you can find in a comic, understand the different meanings and ways of seeing when you read a co...

November 2, 2017

I do not have any prior stop motion animation experience. I do however enjoy watching stop motion series, I find them very interesting, the composition, the design, the narrative that goes behind it are usually very compelling. 

I was particularly intrigued by...

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